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Sarah Cheshire’s chapbook, Unravelings, published in 2017 by Etchings Press, is a work of creative nonfiction in which the author blurs facts so creatively that it is difficult to know what is fiction and what is truth. The only part readers can be sure is entirely made up is the Title IX document woven throughout the story. Cheshire tells us in the prologue that she created the Title IX report and its narrator or subject to make sense of a distorted memory involving her and a professor, imagini

Hieroglyphics Book Review

She is taunted by traumas of her childhood that continually blend with the horrors of her present job as a court stenographer. Knowing the many unimaginable crimes committed everyday convinces her that she shouldn’t allow Frank into her home, no matter how innocent his request may seem. Her son Harvey is haunted by stories from the past, told to him by his older brother, Jason, now away at college. Harvey also believes a ghost visits their home at night. Shelley is not convinced that he’s wrong.