"The aspect of this class that is most helpful for my learning is the classroom's welcoming learning environment." 

Anonymous Student Survey

Teaching Journal - Early Semester

"I have had a couple hybrid classes in the past and this is probably one of the more functional hybrid classes that I’ve had. You engage everyone with group work and calling on people as well as give time to work on homework or any questions students may have in class."

-Bennett (Freewrite exercise)

Teaching Journal - Mid-Semester

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"Most of my classes don’t do group work so I like that we do that because it gives us some time to interact with others. This year is different for everyone and having the ability to still talk to your classmates and work together, figure out difficult situations together, and bounce ideas off of each other is really nice to have. You are in fact one of my favorite professors and I like that you respond as soon as you can to emails and are easy to talk to. As far as the class goes, I enjoy it and I think everything we do is a good learning experience."

-Izzy (Freewrite exercise)

Teaching Journal - End of Semester

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"You're the only teacher that has done this much for me as a person in a long time and I really appreciate that. Thank you for everything you have done to look out for me."

-Anthony (email)

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