Design Portfolio

The projects presented in this portfolio are all my original designs that were created for previous employers, clients, or for class projects. If you have questions about any of the works, or if you would like me to help you with a project, please fill out the form on the "About Me" page. 

This is the finished product of the K&S digital file. It was designed to be a bi-fold wedding program. I cut the right edge of the front cover with a design-cutter and then colored the edge to match the cover. It stands out against the slightly longer back cover cut with a straight edge. For the final touch I ran a ribbon through to bind the pages together.

This was a couples bridal shower invitation. The shower had a Hawaiian theme, so I looked up Hawaiian words, like "bride" and "groom" and "wedding," and placed them in the background beneath the English words they represented. (In the original printed invitations, the background Hawaiian wording printed lighter than it appears in this image.) The final product was printed on card stock that had a pre-printed striped border. I found graphics of flowers to match the trim.