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Welcome Mr. & Mrs. Mallard

There was only, maybe two inches of snow on the ground when I woke up this morning – not nearly the potential 4-6 inches predicted last night. Winter in the morning… springtime in the afternoon…. Hmmm… that could be a song. I was sitting on the sofa eating a bowl multi-grain Cheerios, slurping the sweetened vanilla flavored almond milk from the bowl, gazing out through the full-length sun room windows at the freshly fallen snow. It’s April 17th. Didn’t we just have gorgeous spring-like weather early last week? I remember distinctly going to the grocery store last week wearing sunglasses, sandals, shorts and driving with the windows rolled down. But here we have the second 2-inch snowfall within a week. Typical Midwest springtime.

Clearly the wildlife was confused, as well. As I pondered the snowfall and slurped my almond milk, I noticed something green, a green neck with a light-colored band around the base of its neck and long yellow beak perched up on top of the shed in our back yard. I looked closer. Yep. There was a mallard duck – two of them actually, a male and a female – sitting there on top of the shed in the snow like it was the most natural thing. Like they belonged there. I set my bowl down and grabbed my phone to get a picture, hoping not to scare them off. I slowly opened the deck door and zoomed in as far as I could. Not sure how visible they came out. But if you look closely you can see where the snow on the roof has a couple of dark spots. That’s where the ducks were sitting.

After I finished my cereal and took the bowl into the kitchen, I realized that I could probably get a better picture if I went into the screened-in porch area where the hot tub is. So, of course, I had to go back into the living room to grab my phone. By the time I went back through the kitchen and opened the screened in porch, they pair started to walk around on top of the shed. They waddled over to the other half of the roof and sat down again for a few minutes. I snapped a few more pictures, trying to zoom in and find the best angle. Then I went back into the living room and they were walking around again.

I’m not sure why this pair of ducks captured my attention so much today. Perhaps it’s another sign of the hopefulness of springtime. If April showers bring May flowers, what does April snow bring? Today, April snow brought a pair of mallards to inspire thoughts of spring. While I watched, I wondered if the ducks were looking for a place to nest. Or if they had a nest nearby. Or maybe they were looking for warmth. I’m sure the Mallards are anxious for the steady warmer temperatures of Spring, same as me. I’m ready for sunny days and beautiful flowers and the smells of fresh cut grass. Until Spring comes… and stays… I’ll hold on to every little bit of spring that I can. Thanks for visiting Mr. and Mrs. Mallard!

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