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I'll Do Me

I saw a Facebook post today that had a graphic about “The COVID-19 Solution,” listing two categories of how people have reacted to the Coronavirus Pandemic. I’m all for the “You do you” and “I’ll do me” philosophy. Absolutely. People have the right to respond to this pandemic however they choose. BUT, at the top of the “You do you” column was the title “afraid” in white letters with a red background. Topping the “I’ll do me” column were the words “not afraid” in white lettering with a green background. This, I have a huge problem with.

This business is shaming people who choose to live by the preventative measures recommended by the CDC to reduce the spread of the coronavirus. I’m really not making assumptions here. On the “afraid” half of this graphic were the options to “stay at home, video conference, order curbside or delivery, and wear a mask and/or gloves,” finalized by the words “you do you.” Really? I was completely flabbergasted that a place of business would put this out publicly on their Facebook page. Clearly the owner of this business disagrees with their state’s decision to shut-down all non-essential businesses.

If the manager of that non-essential business had their say in the matter, I’m sure they would be open for business as usual, following the right half of the graphic that listed things like, “go to work, go to school, shop at stores… travel and vacation, fish and hunt… host/go to parties… enjoy life,” because those all fall in line with their “I’ll do me” philosophy. They are telling those of us who wish to be cautious and stay at home, that because we choose not to go visit their bar, we can’t “enjoy life.” I hate to disappoint them, but even though I stay at home, I have enjoyed seeing classmates during zoom classes, I have enjoyed catching up with old friends and make new friends during Zoom cocktail parties, and I have enjoyed the time at home with my husband.

Taking preventative measures, no matter how excessive they may seem, is the choice that I and my husband are making for us. And, for the record, when the flu and cold are going around, I am careful to use whatever measures I can to prevent those from spreading as well. Lysol spray does work. My kids, and anybody whose known me for any amount of time, have likely experienced my obsessive use of Lysol spray when stomach flu has hit a member of my household. I’ve even been known to use a face mask and latex gloves when caring for my children when they were ill. I know how bad I am when I get sick, so I do everything in my power to avoid any kind of sickness. And I don’t really have time in my life to be down and out with a bad cold either. Whenever it is within my capability, I do what I can to prevent the spread of any sickness that is going around. Why should I do any different with the coronavirus?

Yes, it’s true. “Freedom is the solution” as depicted by this business’s Facebook post. There’s nothing wrong with saying “you do you” and “I’ll do me,” just don’t shame others if their choices are different from yours.

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