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My name is Jen Anne Becker. I have a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English & Creative Writing on the Publishing track from the University of Iowa and a graduate certificate in Publishing from the University of Denver. 

While at the University of Iowa, I served as Managing Editor for two class project publications where I participated in acquisitions, ensured deadlines were met, and assisted the Editors-in-Chief with promoting the release of each respective publication. Also during my time at The University of Iowa, I was an Editorial Assistant for The Iowa Review where I read submissions and made recommendations to the Editors. In addition, I had the privilege of being an Editor of the 4th Annual Iowa Chapbook Prize where I worked with a team of Editors to select nine winners for the Spring 2020 Iowa Chapbook Prize. Each Editor then worked directly with their chosen author to oversee the editing, layout, and design of the winning author's chapbook. 

Publishing Industry Professionals offered instruction and advice to students of The Denver Publishing Institute from their own career experiences. Hands-on learning opportunities such as writing reader's reports, editing, proofreading, marketing & publicity, and book design helped reinforce instruction and experience obtained at The University of Iowa.

Moving forward, in January 2022 I will begin a graduate program at the University of Denver, working toward an MA in Professional Creative Nonfiction Writing. During this time, I will consider Independent Editing, Proofreading, and Writing opportunities, where I will use my skills to help other writers produce their best work. Please use the contact form below to let me know how I can help you.

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